Back in the beginning, over 7 years ago, I started telling my clients: “It’s hard to have a clear thought with a toxic body”.  Like a dutiful Personal Trainer, I’d have them start on a painful detox plan of ridding the body of sugar, and nicotine, and too many beers on the weekend. There would be grueling headaches, and night sweats, and some folks would just give up. Who could blame them – it wasn’t fun at all!! My whole goal was for them to detox the toxins, to be able make “better decisions” about what they ate and drank, and then they would feel better. What a grueling process!! But what we know now is, the mind has to kick in first – enter the world of Ketones for Brain Health.

The health of the body starts in the mind – actually everything starts with a thought. So together let’s learn about how to fuel our brains now with Ketones, to better feed our bodies from now on.

Quick Survey: Have you ever heard of Ketones?