So your Brain is like a Hybrid car – it can run off of two different fuels: Glucose or Ketones. Don’t you pick up that doughnut, or bagel, and think you are providing fueling for your brain. Too much glucose from too many carbs produces too much insulin and sends your body – and your brain – into a state of “insulin resistance” and the brain shuts down taking in any glucose. It then starts to shrink to conserve energy. Enter Ketones!!! Ketones are a cleaner energy form made in your liver from the stored fat you are already carrying around!!! Yipee! But you can also take in Ketones directly, through high quality Coconut Oil or MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) Oil – Look for Caprylic or “C8” version.

As soon as you ingest Ketones, they go straight to your brain, and fuels it.

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